O-live November 15, 2017

Use O-live as you want!
Here we give you different ideas to cook with our rich extra virgin olive oil

The best way to taste a good oil is to impregnate some pieces of bread and eat them. To enjoy a delicious appetizer, spread a little garlic in a toasted bread and then add a dash of olive oil. If you use a little olive oil to cook the pasta, it will prevent it from sticking. Olive oil is excellent for spreading the meats made in barbecue, as it helps to conserve the natural juices.


In the salad dressings use the oil lastly, after the salt and vinegar (or lemon juice), that way the rest of the ingredients of the dressing does not slip and sticks to the salad. To remove the excess oil from a dish you can use lettuce leaves to which the oil adheres.


Making the grilled meat with olive oil adds flavor while the meat is browning. The meat marinated in olive oil before its preparation will be more tasty. As olive oil is a very delicate product, it facilitates the mixing of aromatic herbs and spices. Any meat, fish or vegetables fried in olive oil gains in flavor, since a thin and crusty layer forms around the product, which prevents it from absorbing more oil and being greasy.

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