O-live November 14, 2017



Preparation Time

15 minutes

Cook Time

20 minutes


  • 40 ml Extra Virgin Oil O-live
  • 10 ml of apple cider vinegar
  • 500 grs of new potatoes for cooking
  • 2 onions
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 sour green apple
  • Salt

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    Cook the potatoes with skin in plenty of salt water. We cut the tomato, the cucumber and the onion, the cucumber we can peel it or grate your skin with a fork. The apple will break at the end, so that it does not rust. We make a vinaigrette mixing the oil and the vinegar. The amount is orientative, but the ratio of 4 oil per 1 vinegar, should be maintained.

    Once cooked the potatoes are cut into skin and put in a bowl. We add the chopped vegetables and it is now when we cut the apple with skin and we add it too. Pour the vinaigrette, remove and rectify salt. Finally, we save a couple of hours in the refrigerator (optional) to serve it very cool.

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