O-live November, 2017

Olisur, Chile’s leading olive oil producer, is announcing the launch of two new blends of O-Live extra virgin olive oil: Organic and Limited. Organic and Limited will be joining O-Live’s flagship Gold Medal Blend premium olive oil. Bottled on a private estate in Chile’s Colchagua Valley, O-Live blends contain less than 0.2% acidity, a level well below the 0.8% standard for extra virgin olive oil. An ideal growing climate, strict bottling standards, and a commitment to producing a premium product give O-Live a smooth, buttery taste that is great for a variety of uses.

The newest editions to the O-Live lineup, Organic and Limited, will each feature unique flavor profiles, resulting from a distinct blend of olives.

O-Live Organic consists of olives that were grown and harvested according to strict organic standards, in a manner that preserves natural resources and biodiversity.


O-Live Limited is crafted using only the best olives from the harvest, creating an olive oil with light to medium intensity that is perfect for finishing dishes.


“At O-Live, we are consistently striving to raise our standards for the olive oil you consume and the manner in which it was created,” said Claudio Lovazzano A., Marketing & Product Development Manager.


“Our Organic and Limited blends represent the next evolution for O-Live, in terms of flavor and sustainability. Our three blends now offer a distinct taste for every palette, whether you are looking for the perfect finishing olive oil for salads, or a premium everyday blend for cooking and baking. Our goal is to not only deliver a product that tastes delicious, but one you can feel good about purchasing.”

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