O-live February, 2018

All the way back in 2001, our founder, Mr. Alfonso Swett, was on vacation in Spain when he noticed that there were thousands of small olive oil plantations, spanning from Santiago de Compostela to Seville. He also noticed that most of these plantations used their own olive mills and presses to produce and bottle the oil on site. Throughout his vacation, Mr. Swett tasted many different olive oils and was impressed by how they greatly enhanced the quality of his meals. He also learned much about the olive oil production process, and came to realize that Chile had a similar climate and soil conditions to the olive-rich regions of Spain, Italy, and Greece. Upon this realization, an idea was born. When Mr. Swett returned home to Chile, he and a group of experts worked to identify the best soils, cultivars, and modern processes needed to produce a premium extra virgin olive oil that would excite the palate and rank as one of the best in the world. Those days mark the moment when O-Live Extra Virgin Olive Oil became more than just a gleam in the eye of Mr. Swett. Today, we harvest, press, and seal every bottle of O-Live within two hours, and we do it all from our 6,500-acre estate in Chile’s Colchagua Valley. While producing a premium extra virgin olive oil is our ultimate goal, we wouldn’t feel good without doing so in a manner that respects the earth and land that has given us so much.

We utilize geo-thermal temperature controls in our factory and a solar-powered irrigation system in our groves, and every part of our Non-GMO olives that doesn’t go into your bottle of O-Live is recycled, reused, or reduced. All of these efforts are made to ensure that our status as a carbon-neutral company is maintained. O-Live is about more than simply producing olive oil. We aren’t happy unless we are making a high-quality, premium product and doing so in a manner that leaves the earth as good as or better than we found it.

Again, welcome to our blog; we hope you come back often and let us share more of our story, and the many benefits of the liquid gold that is O-Live Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with you. Let’s start making your meals, and life, come O-Live!

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